Reconstructive Surgery & Anaplastology

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Awards 2021 - (2020) Volume 9, Issue 1

Plastic Surgery 2020 Annual Summit on Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery: Awards

Farooq A. Shiekh

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Best Poster Awards

The Best Poster awards are acknowledged to the best titles represented by Faculty/ PhD students /Post Docs at Allied Academies conferences. It rewards a combination of excellent research, Novelty of the project, Innovation, and way of representation. Every Poster Session will be evaluated by panel of experts.

Awardees are selected on site and award recipients will be announced during the conference. These awards include a certificate of recognition accredited by the International Organizing Committee.

Best Keynote speaker Awards

This grant recognizes speakers who have the capacity to lock in a assorted assortment of groups of onlookers, fascinate them with their fashion, conveyance and amusingness and provide a message that passes on their mastery. Being a keynote speaker implies you wish to be able to sound the ‘keynote’. This implies to provide a message that locks in an group of onlookers at an passionate level, but which is built around the broader topic of the occasion and the client’s targets of substance and engagement.

Best Speaker

This grant is planned to perceive and recognize developing speakers who have accomplished later exceptional conspicuousness and success. Nominees and Awardees are people who have captured the consideration and interest of the research. More than essentially an overnight victory or enhance of the minute, the winning speaker may perhaps have been talking for an expanded period of time but has as of late picked up footing or accomplished a breakthrough.

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Farooq A. Shiekh
Department of Biochemistry, GMC, Baramulla, India

Received: 15-Dec-2019 Published: 25-Dec-2019

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