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8 years experience of Mohs micrographic surgery in an Ecuador Center

Joint Event on International Conference on Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery & International Conference & Expo on Dermatopathology & Skin Care

August 31-September 01, 2018 | Toronto, Canada

Anahi Ponton de Katz

Hospital Metropolitano, Ecuador

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Abstract :

Introduction: The non-melanoma skin cancer accounts for 95% of all skin cancer. Although various treatment modalities are available, the most frequently used option is surgical excision. Here, we evaluate the efficacy of Mohs micrographic surgery for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer. Material and methods: A retrospective review of all cases of non-melanoma carcinoma treated with Mohs micrographic surgery between July 2010 and May 2018 was performed using patient records from Hospital Metropolitano of Quito, the unique Mohs micrographic surgery Center of Ecuador. Results: A total of 169 non melanoma skin cancer cases treated with Mohs micrographic surgery were identified; 50.5% were in women and 49.5% in men. The mean age of the patients was 70.7 years (range 35 ???100 years). The histologic type of the tumor was basocelular carcinoma in 80.7% of cases and in 97% of cases the tumor was located on the head or neck. Ten percent of the tumors were recurrent following previous treatment. A mean of 1.57 Mohs stages were used, with a mean of 2.05 sections. The mean size of the initial defect was 0.75cm2 and the mean final defect was 2.05cm2. The ratio of initial tumor size to final defect was estimated at 1.02cm2. Over a mean follow-up of 39 months, there were 2 cases of tumor recurrence (1.1%). Conclusion: In our experience, Mohs micrographic surgery is effective for the treatment of high-risk non-melanoma skin carcinoma.

Biography :

Anahi Ponton de Katz is a Dermatologist who completed a fellowship in Mohs Micrographic Surgery at Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires in 2010. She was professor of Dermatolgy at the Medicine School of Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador till 2013. She has published 5 papers in reputed journals and has been the autor of a chapter of the book Dermatología en Medicina Interna in 2009.