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Advanced multi-level techniques for neck-lift

Joint Event on International Conference on Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery & International Conference & Expo on Dermatopathology & Skin Care

August 31-September 01, 2018 | Toronto, Canada

Vasiliev MN

Clinic Platinental, Russia

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Abstract :

Introduction: At present, patients are no longer satisfied with moderate results. Everyone wants the ideal neck parameters, including dynamics, with neck bending and head tilt down. Methods: From 2016-2017, with the use of advanced multi-level technology neck-lift, 52 patients underwent surgery. Liposuction was always performed, then, through the submental incision along the middle line, the platysma was uncovered, and subplatysmal fat was removed. The digastricus muscles were evaluated - with their hypertrophy, resection and suturing were performed, or, in the absence of hypertrophy, only suturing. Then a double-sided corset suture was applied to the platysma along the middle line. To eliminate the sagging of the salivary glands, a bandage suture Giampapa was performed. Depending on the age changes, they performed either only submental access or combined the submental and lateral. When performing the side-by-side access, they were limited to either neck tightening with a cut around the lobe or supplemented by a facelift with a classical pre-cut. Through lateral access, lateral platysmoplasty was performed. The results of the correction were estimated from the photo and the video showing the correction in the dynamics with the head tilted. Results: Satisfactory clinical results were obtained in all patients. In 2 patients, hematomas were formed, in 2 cases, a compromise of the marginal branch of the facial nerve was recorded. In the dynamics of the situation were resolved favorably. Discussion: Successful lifting should necessarily include correction at all levels of the neck. The necessary fixation of tissue structures allows achieving not only a clear cervical-chin angle in a static position but also to eliminate tissue sagging when the head is tilted in dynamics. Conclusions: The use of advanced multi-level techniques for the neck-lift allows you to get the desired dynamic aesthetic result.

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