Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

ISSN - 2155-6156


13th European Diabetes and Endocrinology Congress

November 26-27, 2018 | Dublin, Ireland

Daniela Rojas Jimenez

San Rafael, Costa Rica

Posters & Accepted Abstracts: J Diabetes Metab

Abstract :

On a daily basis type one diabetes presents physical and emotional challenges not only for those living with the condition but also for their parents and caregivers. When dealing with type one diabetes people are often encouraged to learn about their treatment, insulin ratios, portions and technology (when available). At times, they are encouraged to pay attention to their emotions but this does not happen in a desired frequency and very rarely are they ever motivated to think about how language, the daily impact of food, insulin intake and the constant demand to make changes so that diabetes becomes part of their lifestyle impacts their behaviour and thought process. The aim of this presentation is to showcase the value of making language, singularity, grieving processes and accomplishments in each individual, a key component for type one diabetes treatment. This presentation will emphasize on how by working with the individuality of each person living with type one and changing the narrative in health professionals and themselves about their condition, it is possible to impact thought process, body consciousness, both in a positive way that can enable and strengthen treatment adherence while bridging the gap between the person living with type one diabetes and type one diabetes itself.