Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

ISSN - 2155-6156

Distorted fatty acid metabolism and metabolic syndrome

Joint Event on 25th International Conference on Human Metabolic Health- Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism & 2nd World Congress on Nutrition and Obesity Prevention

March 21-22, 2019 Dubai, UAE

Mahabaleshwar Hegde

Bharati Vidyapeeth University, India

Keynote: J Diabetes Metab

Abstract :

Metabolic syndrome, is a collection of risk factors that increases the chances of developing excessive body fat, heart disease, stroke and diabetes and it is primarily the result of recent abrupt dietary life style changes, more particularly distorted fatty acid intake. Our prehistoric food consisted of 1:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid. But today our diet has skewed ratio of 20-40:1. Both linoleic acid omega-6 and alphalinolenic acid omega-3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids. Excessive omega-6 and paucity of omega-3 fatty acid is almost a global phenomenon. This has led to the dominance of inflammatory pathway in modern man and is primarily responsible in phenomenal increase in incidences and severity of chronic degenerative diseases. Omega-3 nutritional security and lowering of intake omega-6 fatty acid, correcting the imbalance is urgent need of the day. Therefore, our goal has been to bring back primary essential omega-3 fatty acid, alphalinolenic acid, into the food chain. Flax seed is the richest source of vegetarian, omega-3 fatty acid. We have developed technogies, to increase production and productivity of flaxseed; to extract omega-3 oil and soft gel capsules from flaxseed devoid of antinutrients; to stabilize omega-3 fatty acid in emulsion to fortify milk and milk products; omega-3 enriched poultry feed mix for the production omega-3 enriched egg and chicken meat; omega-3 flour mix for bakery products etc. Our pioneering efforts, through well researched and validated “FLAX BIO_VILLAGE” concept, aims at attaining omega-3 nutritional security and correct the omega-6: omega-3 imbalance, to effectively tackle metabolic syndrome.

Biography :

Mahableshwar Hegde, PhD in biochemistry, has over 30 years post garduate teaching experience, guiding M.Sc, M.Phil, PhD students at Pune University and for the last 20 years has passionately working for omega-3 nutritional security, by establishing a “Center for Innovation in Nutrition Health and Disease (CINHD)” and “Real World Nutrition Laboratory Foundation (RWNLF)” in Bharati Vidyapeeth (deemed to be)University Pune, to validate the innovative omega-3 enriched products throgh FLAX BIOVILLAGE” concept devloped by him. He has published extensively and edited a book “OMEGA 3 FATTY ACID” keys to nutritional health, published by Springer International.