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Evaluating the nutritional status of CA breast females undergoing chemotherapy (PG SGA sheet)

Webinar on 28th International Conference on Clinical Nutrition & 7th Global Pediatric Ophthalmology Congress & 9th World Congress and Exhibition on Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance

March 07, 2022 WEBINAR

Sara Abdelmuneim Abdelsalam and Safaa Osman Elmusharaf

Ahfad University for Women, Sudan

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Abstract :

This purposively cross-sectional study aimed to evaluate the nutritional status of CA breast females on chemotherapy treatment. The reason why such topic has been chosen is, because of the notably increasing incidence of breast cancer through years. In addition to, the neglected nutritional concern upon oncology research area in Sudan. However, the study was conducted in Taiba Oncology center. A private center with highly professional Sudanese oncologist. The patients attending Taiba are all cancer patients undergoing one of the modalities of cancer treatment which is chemotherapy. The research was validated using several nutritional assessment tools such as PG-SGA, NRI, BMI and 24hr recall. Parameters used were food dietary intake, biochemical data and anthropometric measurements. Results reflected high percentages of malnutrition which were found among breast cancer females. Up to (75%) needed critical nutritional intervention that is, to conclude, hospitals and oncology centers should pay more attention to medical nutrition therapy for oncology patients and set nutritional protocols to improve both health and nutritional status among cancer.

Biography :

Sara Abdelmuneim has graduated fom Ahfad University for women, khartoum Sudan. Bachelor’s degree holder in Nutrition and Dietetics, 2019. She has done her bachelor thesis in Nutrition status of CA breast females taking chemotherapy. she is research oriented and believe that nutrition is an updated field that needs major focus in nutritional studies and research especially nutritional oncology.