Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

ISSN - 2155-6156

Evidences that insulin resistance, core of cardiometabolic diseases, is the primary therapeutic target

23rd International Conference on Herbal and Alternative Remedies for Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders

November 02-04, 2017 Bangkok, Thailand

Nicolas F Wiernsperger

University of Lyon, France

Keynote: J Diabetes Metab

Abstract :

Cardiometabolic diseases affect about one third of the worldwide population. Recent years revealed that the core of these different pathologies is insulin resistance. Diminished sensitivity to insulin leads to various metabolic and vascular (both macro- and microvascular) disturbances. Epidemiology and clinical observations show that resistance to this hormone can be seen very early, possibly already in early childhood. It has clear-cut impacts on adult health and worsens with aging, however also aging-related diseases such as cognitive dysfunction and related dementias are also associated with resistance to insulin. The presentation will show the poorly recognized importance of microvascular insulin resistance as well as many aspects of this defect in various tissues. It will also be shown how to detect this parameter easily and early in human beings. Finally suggestions will be made about possible new treatment strategies.

Biography :

Nicolas F Wiernsperger is a French Physiologist and Pharmacologist. He has been Head of Research Department on Cerebrovascular Accidents at Novartis, Switzerland until 1984. He established as a world recognized Specialist of Microcirculation. From 1985 to 2005, he was appointed as the Head of International Pharmacological Development and Senior Pharmacologist at Merck KgA in Lyon. He was also the Head of a private/public research unit on Diabetes Microvascular Complications at Lyon University. He is an international recognized expert of cardiometabolic diseases and aging. He has published nearly 150 papers as well as 2 books. He has been teaching as Invited Professor at several universities. Since 2005, he deals with the development of new drugs as well as, more recently, nutraceuticals.