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Experience of ten years with a conically shaped implant: Breaking the paradigm

Joint Event on International Conference on Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery & International Conference & Expo on Dermatopathology & Skin Care

August 31-September 01, 2018 | Toronto, Canada

Paulo Renato de Paula

Federal University of Goias, Brazil

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Abstract :

Introduction: Breast implants are often used for the reconstructive and cosmetic purpose, for pure augmentation or associated with mastopexy, demonstrating low morbidity and a reduced number of complications. These procedures demonstrated a significant improvement in the quality of life, like individual/social well-being, self-confidence, and favorable psychological consequences. The innumerable options of breast implants and their variants in the market allow us to offer more specific results for each of breast/thorax and patient wish, with a high degree of satisfaction. The most common implants used are the round or anatomical shape. Objective: The present study aims to demonstrate a conical breast shape implant. A device model with different angle, shape, and projection and can be a great option. Method: It is a descriptive and retrospective 10 years??? study with the use of breast implants with a conical shape, then use it and a study with patients??? satisfaction???s degree with these models. Results: A total of 1182 implants (591 patients) were used during the study period, of which 552 implants (276 patients) were the conical shape (46.7%), all with polyurethane coating, in pre-pectoral (retroglandular/retrofascial) location in 92.2%. Inframammary access was used in 84.6%. The mean volume was 250,65 and mean age was 32 years. The follow-up time ranged from 6 to 120 months, with an average of 78.5 months. Small complications occurred in 3% (small dehiscence, asymmetry, aestrias, hypertrophic scar). Only two contractures (unilateral) cases after 5 years and no extrusion happened. A questionnaire was carried out to evaluate the degree of satisfaction. 85.3% responded and of these, 96.5% declared themselves very satisfied and satisfied with the implant profile and 3.5% were not satisfied. There was no case of dissatisfaction. Conclusion: Cone-shaped implants are an excellent option in the surgical arsenal of breast implants according to the patient's desire and correct indication, with few complications and a high degree of satisfaction.

Biography :

Paulo Renato de Paula has completed his Plastic Surgery training in 1995 from Prof. Pitanguy’s plastic Surgery Program; his M.Sc. at the age of 35 years from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and his PhD at the age of 51 years from Federal University of Goias. He is an Adjunct Professor and Head Chief of Plastic Surgery Unit at School of Medicine–Federal University of Goias. He is a Supervisor of Residency Program and Internship in Plastic Surgery of the University. He has 12 book’s Chapter (including International book as author and co-author), 12 papers as an author and co-author and 32 studies in meetings as author and co-author (presented or e-poster).