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Handling cross phone of pea in Tamil for achieving the holy bite

Proceedings of Euro Heart Congress 2021 & Stroke Congress 2021 & Neuroscience 2021 & World Nursing 2021

August 23-24, 2021 WEBINAR

Vivek Anandan Ramachandran

Prathiba Sago Traders, India

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Abstract :

Consider the Tamil letter PIi which also stands as a word having the meaning in spoken context as faecal (PIi can also refereed as AaY in this context) in English and naturally it is ambiguous. The Tamil word PIi has the cross phone words (Word across two languages having same sound) in English namely be, bee, pea & pee and the English letters B & P. As a parent when the child is born to them they will face the situation that the child is passing out the pee and faecal in the bed itself. It is natural that it takes few months for the child to learn walk and dress under the parental or guardian guidance. Even though the child learns dressing it will take some time for the parents to fix bathing and toilet habits. The toilet habits are that the child should learn to pass out the pee and faecal in the closet after which the parents teaches the child to clean both the faecal in the cloaca and the remaining faecal in the toilet. Mostly parents teaches the child to clean faecal in the cloaca and its surroundings by pouring water using the water mug in their right hand at cloaca and using left hand to rub or using sprayer gun or using tissue paper in the cloaca. During the process of teaching to clean the faecal in the cloaca the parent uses the command that "Clean the faecal thoroughly in cloaca by rubbing your left hand at that place and simultaneously I will pour the water at that place" or through the context of the stated command. If the Tamil parents commands the above process it will be through the command "UNnn ATtI TUVAaRATTIL IRUKKUM AaYKKU NAaNnn TANnNnIiR UuRrRrUKIRrEeNnn NIi ATAi CUTTAM CEY" or through the context which has the meaning of this command. If the child has successfully obeyed the above command after few days the parent ensures that the child excrete the faecal in the closet by closing the bath room door and cleans the faecal in the closet by flushing, also cleaning faecal in the cloaca by themselves (also taking bath by themself) further the child must ensure that the outcome faecal after cleaning must not remain in the floor of toilet. The Tamil parent also teaches the child that the term AaY has synonym PIi. After few years the child goes to public & private place and learns to use toilet by themself. One among the public place for the child is school. Normally in the school the child will be taught to use the slate for writing their mother tongue language or regional language or universal language letters one by one during which they also will be taught how to clean the slate. In the process of teaching to write the English letter P and Tamil letter PIi in a slate the teacher has to face the situation that the child has heard previously the sound (PIi as a word referring to faecal, which is a prerequisite for teaching the child, now they have to upgrade that sound to the letter P & PIi and clean if they write that letters in the slate through duster. During teaching to clean the letter P & PIi if the teachers command "You clean P" to the children’s they can be sparked about the following instances namely cleaning P & PIi in the slate, cleaning pee (which is undrinkable), cleaning pea (which is eatable) and cleaning PIi (which is uneatable). This spark will make the children to handle the social cause that the languages (Both Tamil and English in accordance with Parent & Teacher guidance) has made them to use food and faecal in accordance to moral of teaching affixation of words. The moral of affixation here is that eat should be transformed to eatable for pea and uneatable for PIi (In faecal context). The moral also extends to affixing drink to undrinkable for pee. It could be inferred that the child should have looked through eyes all the cross phones, homophones and ambiguity meaning of pea & P further if the child has been commanded in a multilingual words making a to "Bring the green pea in the glass jar for eating to both of us" (here pea is the outcome of linking PIi with pea and not PIi with P, B, bee, pee or faecal) or expressing in this context (by one among the parents who has kept the green pea in the glass jar) should make the child to bring pea further the term green used in the command give as a hint that will occur in the near future that child is going to see through the green pea. I term the look that the child gets for seeing all the cross phone and ambiguity of pea is cross look, the spark that the child gets when the teacher says "You clean P" as general spark and the process of child eating the pea as holy bite. Further I term holy bite as PUNnnITA KATtI, general spark as TALAiYAaNnnA PORrI and cross look as IRU MOLllI PEeCCU ORU TALAi ARrIVU KANnNnOTtTtAM. Parents also before sending the child to school feed the pea and make them to take pea through their own hands this makes the teacher in the school to additionally spark the child during the general spark context. There also certain parents in Tamil Nadu who have spoken language as Telugu and reading & writing language as Tamil & English. They can be taught of transliterating Telugu in Tamil for example the learnt phonetic word of PIiNDA in Telugu can be transliterated in Tamil as PIiNnTtA (which has the meanings to press and the faecal) which contains the letter PIi this can also be used as context fetcher for parents who are ill-literate in Telugu and literate in English & Tamil that among the cross phones b, be, bee, p, pea and pee during this context the sound of PIi in PIiNnTtA refers to pea and not faecal or press. This can be done during general spark and I keep the signature as பUt?X and its phonetics as PAaYUMAaTtTtALU (BHAYOUMATTALOO) where ப stands for BHA & means faecal, U stands for YOU & means cleaning urine (pee), t stands for transliteration look for the words that means pea and not pee or faecal,? stands for the reserved pattern that which language is used for transliteration here Telugu is used so its value is starting letter of the word language in Telugu which is త�? (If Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Urdu and Japanese is used the respective signature are �?,മ,ह, ا& �?� correspondingly BHAYOUMATTA phonetics for the above stated language is fixed as BHAYOUMATALOO, BHAYOUSANSARIKALOO, BHAYOUBOLALOO, BHAYOUMAFKARDUMLOO and BHAYOUHANASINCHILOO) & X stands for the phonetics LOO (LU) and it means for the measures that in Tamil the letter PIi is formed from the combination of PA+I (ப here is formed from P+A) means for urine for expressing pee and here the people can sight that ப in Tamil and U in English are of somewhat in same style (As they are in same style across language I term it as cross letter similar to w,L) & LOO means for the context awareness that LOO is a substring of LOOP further from the human race creator perspective of forming a human the mouth of a human is not LOOPED with cloaca or penis or vagina otherwise if creativity has thought in looping wise creativity birth would have not happened & here in this case it is for cleaning pee & cleaning PIi by making them to exists as null (X) by using water in the toilet and picking up uneaten pea if served. There is also case that certain people after cleaning the faecal in the cloaca forget to clean faecal in thecloset due to absent mind yet their ultimate aim is to be noncopraphagist. It can also be observed in the above case that Capital U is used in the signature பUt?X and not small u. Also Teacher and Parents ensures that the child is not committing spelling mistake for referring pea as pee, bee, be, p and b. The above psychology of obtaining the holy bite through cross phone of pea usage in Tamil will work out for the entire parent who wants their child to become noncoprophagist. I term the above entire process of making child as noncopraphagist using the cross phone in English & Tamil and phonetics in Telugu as flite and in Tamil as KULllAL OoCAi as the setting up of the task is concerned with sound which means OoCAi in Tamil. This flite is homophone of the flight that is referred in the poster. Among both homophones objective flight is used for the people who wants to practice demaritalsex (in this poster the term sex refers to verb sense sex) & nonextramaritalsex through practicing chastity here demaritalsex stands for the case that making the child to refrain from having sex before marriage that is not living together before marriage and nonextramaritalsex case for making the child to refrain from having sex with persons other than husband or wife that is not living together with person other than the married partner which is flight ending in duo matchbox further the term flite refers for the child that even though they have not had holy bite yet they know the moral that flite is for human to stay away from uneatable & undrinkable. The usage of question used in flight and commands used in flite by any context is called horn-brainy-lookaction that is even though the term flight and flite sound same the eyes should go for prelooking at both milk (cow's milk in this context) and pea in glass cup or glass jar irrespective of having or not having milk and pea. In Tamil I term horn-brainy-look-action as KARUTTU ELllUPPIYA ARrIVUOLIKAaTtCI ALLATU/ MARrRrUM ARrIVUKAaNnOLI CEYKAi. Further even though the class and glass are homophone the answer for the flight question is in context with a class act of having cow’s milk while that of flite is in context to have pea and flyte is to encourage dress makers to form dress for making peoples to wear it. This poster will provide a platform for adding cross phone and homophone as a psychological study in elementary level at school or college teaching. I am placing all the action and abstract entities associated with this poster, and another poster published in this conference (Defining ambiguous and posit in Tamil for handling the translation of the word dress in multilingual psychology) in hung mode except for my own personal research. The hung mode will exists till government enacts a law for handling current state situations that exists in day-to-day life social activities. Further reference of any action or entity in these three posters in any format also adds up to hang mode.

Biography :

Vivek Anandan Ramachandran has masters in computer science and engineering. His area of interest is NLP. In this poster he has extended the usage of NLP in psychology for handling the cross phone of Pea from English to Tamil for proposing the way of growing children’s as noncoprophagist.