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Immediate outcome of day case laparoscopic cholecystectomy

13th International Conference on Surgical Pathology & Practice

March 27-28, 2017 Madrid, Spain

Chandio A, Shaikh Z, Chandio K, Naqvi SM and Naqvi SA

Manchester Royal Infirmary, UK
Trafford General Hospital, UK

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Abstract :

Introduction: There has been revolution in surgery over the past four decades, recent advances in surgical and anaesthetic techniques financial incentives for the hospital have changed the emphasis in patient selection in day surgery. The increase in day surgery rates for appropriate procedures has the potential to improve the service for patients by achieving shorter waiting times, allowing patient choice and making best use of NHS. The Royal College of Surgeons of England, in 1992, concluded that day surgery is better than inpatient care for many conditions and that it can be an effective way of reducing waiting times. Objective: Aim of this study was to find out safety and the immediate outcome of laparoscopic cholecystectomy as a day case in District General Hospital. Methods: Retrospective identification of 101 patients who underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy as a day case following parameters: age, gender, comorbidities obesity, presentation with acute cholecystitis, pancreatitis or obstructive jaundice was done in this study. Results: Eleven patients (10.89%) were under unplanned admission and transferred to a Regional Hospitals. Three patients (2.97%) required conversion to open cholecystectomy. One patient (0.99%) required drain insertion, and five patients (4.95%) pain control. Two patients (1.98%) had bleeding one from the Gall Bladder fossa which was controlled and another patient developed an epigastric port bleeding and gone re-laparoscopy and resolved the issue with removal of clot and control of bleeding. 90 (89.10 %) patients were discharged home after laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Conclusion: Day case laparoscopic cholecystectomy can be performed safely in District General Hospital with shorter waiting time, allowing patient choice, economic benefit, and making best use of NHS.

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