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Integrative understanding and study of animal health using ecoimmunological concepts

3rd International Conference on Integrative Biology

August 04-06, 2015 Valencia, Spain

Yongming Sang

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Abstract :

Whereas classic immunology deals with animal health primarily in the immune system of a laboratory-based animal species, the emerging discipline of ecoimmunology seeks to understand bona fide immune reactions integrating into intra-organismic systems and interacting with ecological and even evolutionary processes. In this context, I first address our ecoimmunological view over the topic of antibiotic resistance/tolerance (ART) to categorize available alternatives to antibiotics and promote the discovery of prospective approaches to relieve ART problems within the general scope of improving animal health. In addition, the advance of omics technology facilitates our studies in this interdisciplinary area. For example, nonbias transcriptomic analyses such as RNA-Seq provide genome-wide gene expression profiles underlying versatile interaction of the immune system with other systems at intra and inter-organismic levels. Here using two data sets of our transcriptomic analyses, I will address the multifaceted interactions centered on immune responses which might be intuitive and highlighted in other related studies in animal health. Therefore, we are equipped conceptually and methodologically for studying multisystem integration centered by animal immune system in animal health which may elicit mechanistic studies and therapeutic strategies pertinent to the discipline of ecoimmunology.