Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

ISSN - 2155-6156

Knowledge and practices on patients compliance in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus in Bangladesh

4th World Congress on Diabetes & Metabolism

August 14-16, 2013 Holiday Inn Chicago-North Shore, IL, USA

Umme Salma Mukta

Accepted Abstracts: J Diabetes Metab

Abstract :

Introduction: World Health Organization reported, at least 171 million people or 2.8% of the population worldwide suffer from diabetes. Its incidence is increasing so rapidly that it is estimated that by 2030 this number will almost doubled. Diabetes mellitus occurs throughout the world, but is more common (especially type 2) in the developed countries due to urbanization and lifestyle changes. This study aimed to assess whether patients? compliance to treatment reduces the complication of diabetes, and its impact in the overall management of diabetes. Objectives: The study objectives were, to assess the compliances of diabetic?s patients that the patients follow on management; & to assess the association of patients? compliance with disease complexity. Methods: Mixed methods (qualitative & quantitative) were planned to conduct in Manikgong and Dhaka city from Diabetics Association in Bangladesh and private clinics. A pre-tested questionnaire was used for both methods. Quantitative data were collected by a structured questionnaire from 183 participants of both sex and for the qualitative data a semi-structured questionnaire was designed to conduct in-depth interview from 25 respondents & Informal discussion were also organized with 8 care provider i.e., physicians. Results: Findings revealed that very significant relation exist with compliances and complication. That compliances influence by various factors like sex, education, occupation, treatment facilitates etc. But who follow the proper compliances faced fewer complications. Also in addition to anti diabetic?s medication and other method of compliances to herbal method which were familiar to diabetic patients. Most compliance the respondents preferred are: diet, exercise, weight control than the medication. Conclusion: Overall a positive outcome blowing that the patients of type 2 diabetics who maintained proper compliances faced less complication than who didn?t follow them properly.