Journal of Steroids & Hormonal Science

ISSN - 2157-7536

Male hypogonadism: Clinicianâ??s report

Global Summit on Steroids

July 13-15, 2015 Baltimore, USA

Ji Chun

A.T Still University, USA

Posters-Accepted Abstracts: J Steroids Hormon Sci

Abstract :

Due to increased awareness from both clinicians and patients, more and more testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is being implemented. However, hypogonadism is not merely an issue of low testosterone from aging. It is associated with other important comorbidities and therefore warrants a greater degree of recognition. Androgen deficiency has notable negative impacts on physical, psychological, and sexual function and can therefore result in adverse outcomes on quality of life. With recent findings of TRT raising risk of cardiovascular disease, careful selection of patients who would benefit from TRT and close monitoring them are imperative.This presentation will provide an insight how these issues are dealt with in current clinical practice from a clinician�??s view.

Biography :

Ji Chun is an Adjunct Professor at A.T Still University.