Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

ISSN - 2155-6156

New drugs for type-2 diabetes: Current status and future prospects

Joint Eveny on 2nd Annual Congress on Diabetes and its Complications & 8th Annual Congress on Probiotics, Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals

March 25-26, 2019 Hong Kong

Ibrahim El Bayoumy

Tanta faculty of medicine, Egypt

Keynote: J Diabetes Metab

Abstract :

The past 50 years have seen the development of many new treatment items in management of type-2 diabetes. Despite this success, it can be seen that the frequency of the disease complications and the socio-economic burden on communities with high prevalence of diabetes. Thus, the next 50 years will be critical if it is able to prevent and control the major noncommunicable diseases like type-2 diabetes and cancer. It is hoped to get a great knowledge that will be acquired in the future from clinical studies results that will inform the treatment guidelines with regard to which agents to use in whom and whether more aggressive approaches can slow the development of hyperglycemia in those persons at high risk. Over that, it is expected to get new drugs and techniques for therapeutic intervention. These achievements will lead to more self-treatment approaches. Most importantly, the political and economic efforts on enhancing and implementing public health approaches can be focussed and aimed at prevention of diabetes and its co-morbidities.

Biography :

Ibrahim El Bayoumy has pursued his Bachelor’s degree of Medicine and Surgery, Tanta Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Egypt. He has completed his Master’s degree in Public Health, Preventive and Social Medicine, in Tanta University, Faculty of Medicine-Egypt. He is a full Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine in Tanta University, Faculty of Medicine, Egypt. Currently, he is working in Ministry of Health in Kuwait as Consultant of Public Health and Preventive Medicine.