Surgery: Current Research

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Pattern of paediatric dermatoses in India

International Conference and Exhibition on Surgery, Anesthesia & Trichology

November 26-28, 2012 Hilton San Antonio Airport, USA

Naveen KN

Accepted Abstracts: Surgery Curr Res

Abstract :

Skin diseases are a major health problem in the paediatric age group and are associated with significant morbidity. The prevalence of paediatric dermatoses in various parts of India has ranged from 8.7% to 35% in school-based surveys. Skin diseases in the paediatric age group can be transitory or chronic and recurrent. The chronic dermatoses are associated with significant morbidity and psychological impact. Paediatric dermatosis requires a separate view from adult dermatoses as there are important differences in clinical presentation, treatment and prognosis. Dermatoses in children are more influenced by socio-economic status, climatic exposure, dietary habits and external environment as compared to adults. Cutaneous infections are common in children during school going years. Most of the cutaneous diseases which result from intrinsic genetic abnormalities also have onset in the pediatric age-group. Various epidemiological studies have been undertaken across the world including India to study the pattern of paediatric dermatoses. The epidemiological data in Indian studies is based on the pattern of pediatric dermatoses in school going children in both urban and rural areas, and in tertiary care hospitals (medical colleges). We enumerate different studies on the pattern of paediatric dermatosis, with special emphasis on the pattern in India.

Biography :

Naveen KN has completed his MD at the age of 27 years from Rajiv Gandhi University. I am working as associate professor in SDM medical college. I have published 14 papers in reputed journals and and 10 more are accepted for the publication. I have delivered lectures in various conferences and in dermatological meets. I have been writing articles in the leading local newspapers about common skin problems to educate the public.