Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

ISSN - 2155-6156


Patterns of thyroid disorders in northern Saudi Arabia

15th Global Diabetes & Obesity Conference

November 14-15, 2016 Dubai, UAE

Anwar Osaywid Alrasheedi

King Khalid Hospital, Saudi Arabia

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Abstract :

Background: Thyroid hormone act as an vital factor of development and growth, and in adults plays a critical part in the regulation of the function and metabolism of virtually every organ system. Therefore, the objective of this study was to identify the common pattern of thyroid pathologic changes in northern Saudi Arabia and its related metabolic changes. Methodology: Seventy seven referred Saudi patients diagnosed as having thyroid disorders based on clinical information, laboratory and radiological testing were included. Results: Of the 77 patients, 14/77(18.2%) were diagnosed as having hyperthyroidism and 63/77(81.8%) were diagnosed as having hypothyroidism. Of the 14 patients with hyperthyroidism 10/14 (71.4%) were males and 4/14(28.6%) were females. Of the 63 patients with hypothyroidism, 4/63 (6.3%) were males and 59/63(93.7%) were females. Conclusion: Hypothyroidism is prevalent pattern of thyroid disorder in northern Saudi Arabia, particularly and females. Knowledge of various factors influencing thyroid dysfunction can help in interpreting the results of such studies in a better way.

Biography :

Anwar Osaywid Alrasheedi, Bachelor of Medicineand Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) 2010-2016 ,Hail University, College of Medicine. Member in SASEM In Saudi Arabia ,Volunteer and Supervisor in more than six campaign related in Internal Medicine in my region . I’m so interested in Research field and I had four papers all of them in Internal Medicine, three of them were published in reputed journals.

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