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Post-adenoidectomy hypernasality

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December 05-06, 2022 | Webinar

Mosaad Abdel-Aziz

Cairo University, Egypt

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Abstract :

Adenoidectomy is a common simple surgical procedure, usually done for children on an outpatient basis by the Otolaryngologist. A child with adenoid hypertrophy usually presented with hyponasality due to nasal obstruction. However, adenoidectomy may be followed by hypernasality which is caused by excessive nasal resonance; it is usually transient due to sudden palatopharyngeal disproportion and rarely permanent if there is anatomical velopharyngeal abnormality. Transient hypernasality is not a rare event after adenoidectomy, however, most patients usually resolve spontaneously within three months. Preoperative counseling is so important to inform the family about the possibility of development of this problem with assurance that the condition might persist for few months and would resolve spontaneously without intervention.

Biography :

Mosaad Abdel-Aziz is from Kasr Alainy Hospital, Faculty of Medicine. His research interests are otolaryngologist surgery procedure. He has published the papers in reputed international journals.