Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

ISSN - 2155-6156

Prevalence of diabetes mellitus and its associated factors among HIV patients Harar town, Harari regional state in eastern Ethiopia

International Conference on Metabolomics and Diabetology

May 23-24, 2018 | New York, USA

Ashenafi Teka, Frew Goaand and Welansa Miteke


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Abstract :

Statement of Problem: The introduction of antiretroviral therapy saves and improves millions HIV patients. However, there is a problem of different associated chronic metabolic syndrome. Diabetes mellitus are increasing in incidence among people living with HIV. There are pocket studies conducted some parts of the Ethiopia which indicates the magnitude of the problem is increasing among HIV patients but not conclusive. Therefore, this study was aimed to determine the prevalence of diabetes mellitus and its associated factors among HIV patients attending antiretroviral therapy clinics in Harar town, eastern Ethiopia. Methodology: Cross sectional study was conducted among 424 HIV patients in selected health institutions delivering antiretroviral therapy in Harar town from March 10 to April 20, 2017. Data was collected using structured questionnaire and measuring blood pressure. In addition, patents were fasted, and their blood was collected for blood glucose and other supportive chemistry tests. Data was entered and analyzed using SPSS statistical software version 16. Findings: The prevalence of diabetes mellitus in this study is 6.6%. Age less than 40 years (AOR=3.17; 95% CI: 1.12�??9.23), duration on antiretroviral therapy for more than 5 years (AOR: 2.49; 95% CI: 2.43-7.71), presence of hypertension (AOR=19.46; 95% CI:7.25-52.17), Low density lipoprotein >130mg/dl (AOR: 6.30, 95% CI: 2.83-7.49), cholesterol >200mg/dl (AOR: 8.56; 95% CI: 3.83-19.12); triglycerides >150mg/dl (AOR: 12.5, 95% CI: 5.53-28.5) were found to be factors associated with prevalence of diabetes mellitus. Conclusion: The magnitude of diabetes mellitus among all HIV-infected patents was higher in this study compared to other studies conducted in Ethiopia. Therefore, creating awareness and continues mentoring of HIV patients about chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus and hypertension and other supportive clinical chemistry profile are required for improving the quality life HIV patients.