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Quality of life and burnout of surgeons

Joint Event 7th International Conference and Exhibition on Surgery & 3rd International Conference on Anesthesia

June 21-23, 2018 Dublin, Ireland

Fabiano Calixto Fortes de Arruda

Goias Federal University, Brazil

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Abstract :

Statement of the Problem: The theme quality of life is commonly studied by surgeons, but the quality of life of surgeons is not so well known. Long work hours, technical challenges and high stakes outcomes are hard practice that become worse quality of life and development of burnout. A study from American College of Surgeons suggests that 40% of surgeons experience burnout and 30% experience symptoms of depression. Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: An electronic search encompassing MEDLINE, SCiELO, Embase databases were completed using search terms: quality of life, burnout, surgeon, surgical specialty. Inclusion criteria: full manuscript in English, Spanish and Portuguese, from January 1987 to December of 2017, with surgical medical specialties related with quality of life and burnout. Studies with students or residents were excluded. Findings: The majority of studies in this area are cross sectional. Some studies are associating female sex with increased risk of burnout, depression and lesser career satisfaction, but not found statistically significant difference for poorer quality of life. We found some studies with 16 surgery fields. Hours worked per week were statistically significant predictor of surgeon burnout, psychiatric morbidity, diminished career satisfaction and decreased work life balance. Some studies found inverse relationship between income and attending burnout. Conclusions & Significance: Studies about burnout and quality of life are not so common but it shows us that changes in lifestyle is needed to conquest heath and quality. Burnout and Quality of life vary across all specialties, so it is necessary to know each field adequately for a surgeon to increase an optimized quality of life.
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Biography :

Fabiano Calixto Fortes de Arruda pursued MBA in Health Management, a Master’s Degree in Health Sciences and works in Goiania, Goias, Brazil as Chief of Department of Plastic Surgery and Burn Unit of Hugol. He has his expertise in plastic surgery, working with academic and practice. He is interested in plastic surgery aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. He has done studies in the areas of plastic surgery development. He has many chapters of books and scientific articles and has published books on financial aspects.