Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

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Randomized open-label study comparing the effect of Abelmoschus esculentus water vs. placebo in postprandial blood glucose on normal human subjects

14th International Conference and Exhibition on Targeting Diabetes and Novel Therapeutics

October 17-18, 2016 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malta Aiko G Magbitang

Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center, Philippines

: J Diabetes Metab

Abstract :

Introduction: Diabetes mellitus is a progressive metabolic disease and if left untreated, it is associated with failure of various organs. The search of safer antidiabetic agents leads to research of traditional medicinal plants. Objective: This study aimed to determine the effect of Abelmoschus esculentus water on the postprandial blood sugar among healthy normal human subjects. Method: Method used for this study is randomized open-label study. Normal healthy volunteers ages 20-60 years were recruited at Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center. After an overnight fast, FBS were recorded. They were then randomized to Okra water and placebo. Both groups were also fed a standard meal in addition to the water of their respective groups. Capillary blood glucose was measured after 2 hours and 4 hours. The difference in the blood glucose of both groups was compared. Results: The mean random blood sugar of the subjects after intake of standard meal 2 hour postprandial in okra water group (109.92±9.45 mg/dL) was greater than in the placebo group (108.35±9.93 mg/dL), but not statistically significant (p>0.05). Also, the mean RBS 4 hours postprandial was less in okra water group than in placebo group (95.23±6.99 versus 96.40±9.13 mg/dL) but was also not statistically significant (p>0.05). Overall, the mean blood sugar of the okra water group from baseline to postprandial had no significant difference as compared to placebo. Conclusion: Contrary to the previous animal studies, this present study showed no significant difference on the postprandial blood sugar level on subjects given with A. esculentus water as compared to placebo.

Biography :

Malta Aiko G Magbitang is a graduate of Family and Community Medicine Residency Training at Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center, Philippines. She ranked 3rd on her recent in-service examination for FM residents. She completed her Medical degree at Pamantasan ng Lunsod ng Maynila, Philippines.

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