General Medicine: Open Access

ISSN - 2327-5146

Redefining the metabolic syndrome

Global Physicians and Healthcare Congress

June 25-27, 2018 Dubai, UAE

Peter Tunbridge

Hormones & Health, Australia

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: Gen Med

Abstract :

This presentation looks at the role oestradiol, the thyroid hormones and insulin play in endothelial intracellular glucose metabolism. It examines why the clinical syndrome is not a disease entity in itself (obesity) but is actually generated by endothelial dysfunction. It explains why insulin resistance occurs, and the biochemistry behind prediabetic endothelial glucose metabolism. It explains the interplay of the sentinels of glucose metabolism , ie the gonads, the pancreas and the thyroid, that together predict the outcome that results in the clinical manifestation of the Metabolic syndrome and non alcoholic fatty change in the liver and examines what auto antibodies actually represent.

Biography :

Peter Tunbridge works in private practice in South Australia where he specializes in the treatment of complex metabolic disorders and thyroid disease. He is a qualified Scientist as well as a Physician and was the first person to discover genetic cause to the folic acid pathway and how it could be reversed by administering folinic acid. He has held the position of Senior Lecturer in Clinical Medicine at the University of Adelaide. He is regularly invited to speak both nationally and internationally. He is author of the book - The Human Code.