Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

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Role of diabetic nurse educator in screening, prevention, and management of diabetes

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March 21-22, 2019 Dubai, UAE

Raghad A Hamid

The University of Jordan, Jordan

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Abstract :

Introduction: The Diabetes Nurse Educator (CDE) role in King Saud Medical City is a new approach to improving the quality of staff competencies in the care of patients with diabetes. The Diabetes Nurse Educator is an advanced nursing clinician with a focused expert practice area who works to improve the care at the bedside by combining roles as clinician, consultant, researcher, educator, and manager. The Diabetes Nurse Educator has specific responsibilities in serving as an expert in the specialty, ensuring the incorporation of evidence-based practices, promoting research, evaluating the staff nurses’ practice, providing continuous learning opportunities, and promoting critical thinking and problem solving. Location/Setting: King Saud Medical City-Riyadh, Endocrinology Department -Diabetes Division Outpatient Clinic and In-patient Units- General Hospital

Objective: The goal of implementing the Diabetes Nurse Educator role at King Saud Medical City (KSMC) was to improve the quality, safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of staff nurses caring for patients with diabetes.

Activities: The Diabetes Nurse Educator activities include: The Development and Implementation of Educational Programs for Staff Nurses, Participating in Staff General Nursing Orientation Program (GNO),Organizing Hospital Continuous Nurse Education (HCNE) and Unit Continuous Nurse Education (UCNE) activities in clinical areas Developing Multidisciplinary Educational Programs through the year with other Health Care Professionals, Leading Nursing Grand Rounds and In-service Education, Provide Clinical Resource and Consultation to Staff Nurses in Collaboration with the Endocrine Team, Developing and Implementing Written Protocols and Order Sets in Coordination with Endocrine Team, Working within the community to promote health care including education and training for Community to Support Workers

Conclusion: The CDE plays an integral role in the prevention, diagnosis and adequate management of diabetes. This specialist role can increase skills, knowledge and confidence, as well as support and empower staff nurses who deal with diabetic patients and help to reduce the chances of developing further complications of the disease. The Roles and Responsibilities of Diabetes Educator Relating to Diabetes Care include:

Biography :

Ragdah A Hamid has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from The University of Jordan and her Post Graduation Diploma in Diabetes Primary Care from St. Geroge University School of Medicine. She is the Diabetes Nurse Educator in King Saud Medical City, Riyadh.