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The general surgery is an art, a well-defined discipline and never die

Joint Event 7th International Conference and Exhibition on Surgery & 3rd International Conference on Anesthesia

June 21-23, 2018 Dublin, Ireland

Alberto Montori

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

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Abstract :

The Surgical Art is a discipline based on performing technical procedures following the anatomy-surgical principles! However, it is my opinion that the new tools represent a tremendous educational mean in surgical practice and training. Any �??image�?� obtained by so many instruments and the possibility to perform many operations through the instruments (even robotically in to the scope) etc. can be done by surgical hands which knows better than other specialists the surgical principles. In addition to that we must consider all the advanced endoscopic procedures were invented by Surgeons and they are surgical procedures: this is the term which must be used and not �??operative�?� or �??therapeutic�?� used by some specialist who have nothing to do with surgery. The general surgery will change the way to operate (using different instrumentations) remain in my mind, even in the future, Surgery Never Die! I am convinced about this not because I am Surgeon ( trained in a surgical environment) even if I was one of the Surgeon who believed in new technologies applied to Surgery and practically used them every day in O.R. in my last 50 years of clinical practice.The development of Surgery during the last three millennium was tremendous! We had many surgical input from Chinese Surgery, Indian, Jewish, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian; I was particularly linked to the Mycenae-Greek-Roman culture but I never forget that the Surgery was officially recognized by the King of the Assiro- Babylonians, Hammurabi who lived between 1948-1905 B.C.After all these amount of years Surgery became an Art and today represent one the most important Academic Sciences and its importance is recognized from everyone involved in Medicine. There is someone who try to define Surgery mechanical manipulation of tissue the Surgeons are not interested in screening just treatment! This is not true!
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Biography :

Alberto Montori MD Emeritus Prof. of General Surgery University of Roma “Sapienza” Italy. FACS ( HON) ISS/SIC (HON) FASGE. G.BERCI, SAGES lifetime achievement, EAES lifetime achievement. IFSES recognition. Former president of SIED, SICE ESGE, EAES, UEG. His main interets in clinical practice is surgical digestive activities, new technology applied to surgery, minimally invasive surgery. Former professor and chairman of 3rd surgical clinic at University of Roma “Sapienza” visiting professor at Thomas Jefferson Medical School College (Philadelphia). He has received many awards and recognitions from scientific associations all over the world.