Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

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The influence of ideas and behaviours on the weight status with overweight and obese people

15th Global Diabetes & Obesity Conference

November 14-15, 2016 Dubai, UAE

Rashed Al Sahel

Kuwait University, Kuwait

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Abstract :

Background: According to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, it is the thoughts that the overweight and obese people have about their body that affect their loosing weight. Many of overweight and obese people are complaining of their overweight; however for different reasons, these people either they do not follow a diet programme or they had one but they quitted it. Objectives: (1) To find out reasons behind obesity and overweight. (2) To find out the thoughts and behaviors those make overweight and obese people not following a diet programme. (3) To find out the thoughts and behaviours those make overweight and obese people quit a diet programme Methods: Across-sectional survey of a sample of 728 adult (220 male and 508 female) whom all of them were overweight or obese people. A structured questionnaire used for collecting on the reasons for their overweight or obesity and factors behind not following or quit a diet. Results: Of the 728 participants more than 71.9% of them believed that lack of time to exercise was the main reason for being overweight or obese, more than 73% of the participants indicated that the weakness of their will behind not following a diet programme, and more than 75% of participants believed that following a diet programme need to be patient for a long time; it is hard for them to do so. Moreover, results show that many of the participants have negative feelings when they follow a diet programme such as (76.9%) feeling bored with it, blaming themselves (30.4%), feeling of sadness (37.8%), feeling of tiredness (56.9%) and nervousness (52.3). Conclusions: Results of this study emphasize that peopleā??s thoughts and ideas play an important role of their overweight and obesity. Objectives: 1. Become aware of the reasons behind the overweight and obesity. 2. Understand the relationship between thought and behaviours in one side and not following a diet programme in other side. 3. Understand the thoughts and behaviours that make overweight and obese people quit diet programme.

Biography :

Rashed Al Sahel obtained Master degree in Educational Psychology from Eastern New Mexico University, USA (1983) and PhD from the University of Wales, UK (1989). He is certified as qualified cognitive therapist from academy of cognitive therapy, USA, (2003). He served as Dean of the College of Education at Kuwait University from 2002-2007 and Professor at Kuwait University since 2006. He has published more than 27 papers and books in the area of counseling children, adolescents, and couples.

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