Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

ISSN - 2155-6156

Third eye diabetes reversible/curable (scientific and holistic approach)

27th European Diabetes Congress

June 20-21, 2018 | Rome, Italy

S M Rajendran

Bharath University, India

Keynote: J Diabetes Metab

Abstract :

In spite of extensive research for the past five decades by us, we are yet to get a clear solution towards cure/reverse of diabetes. Where is the fault? Either physician, pharma, people or inadequate research or yet to understand the basics of β cell. The biggest question is who controls and why not regenerated unlike other cells. The β cell is situated in the center of our body, it balances the whole body cells and organs. The β cell is unique in character and does not possess any trophic hormones unlike other endocrine glands, moreover why β cell is not controlled by either pituitary or hypothalamus? Related to the above questions, author carried out a research to find out a probable answer. His study included 500 born-blind people with control group of same ages 35-50 years. Neither blind people nor controlled group has diabetes prior. The study reveals all the born-blind people having normal blood sugar without any evidence of either pre diabetes or diabetes, whereas, the control groups reveals 85% are having diabetes. This has opened his eyes towards holistic scientific approach. The literature reveals, MTNR1A, MTNR1B receptors present in the cell. The figure will explain So, when we sleep, the hormone melatonin will increase there by decreases the insulin secretion that leads to β cell to recover the function. Similarly, the meditation will open our third eye (Pineal Gland) and melatonin level will increase that will protect the β cell and it controls the blood sugar. In spite of lot of drugs, people in the world are unable to control the diabetes in our country. But in Tamil Nadu those who are on meditation and lifestyle adaptation, their diabetes status has come well under control within 6 months period. The meditation will release the desire, self-awareness and increase the will power, repairs the cells there by we obtain a healthy life, without any side effects or genetic damage. Recent Publications 1. ADA (2008): Study of Inflammatory Markers in diabetes mellitus to detect insulin resistance. 2. Journal of IJCE Sanfrancisco October 2017: Role of BNP as a screening tool to identify asymptomatic cardiac disease in chronic type 2 DM. 3. Journal IJOART Volume 2 issue 7 July 2013:Prevalance of type 2 diabetes in Born Blind in correlation with serum melatonin. 4. Indian Society of Athero 5. Sclerosis. October 2007 Conference Study of peripheral vascular diasease in type2 diabetes. 6. JIMSA Conference Ajman UAE 2012 7. Study of endocrine markers in critically ill Patients. 8. Hon�??ble Editor in SCIRES LITERATURE SRL Clinical endocrinology.

Biography :

S M Rajendran has his unique way in evaluation and passion in improving global health related to Diabetes Mellitus to the past three decades. He built this model, through his vast experience in research and academic activities. His main research Study is THIRD EYE and prevalence of diabetes in Born Blind Persons. He is an Adviser for Text Book of Clinical Medicine Editor by KUMAR and CLARK. At present he is working as a professor of Medicine and Diabetology at Vijaya Medical and Educational Trust, Chennai.