General Medicine: Open Access

ISSN - 2327-5146

What are the sources of fibromyalgia and how to treat it without using anti-inflammatory or antidepressant drugs?

Global Physicians and Healthcare Congress

June 25-27, 2018 Dubai, UAE

Huang Wei Ling

Medical Acupuncture and Pain Management Clinic, Brazil

Keynote: Gen Med

Abstract :

Statement of the Problem: Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals. Purpose: To demonstrate that fibromyalgia has an energy-related cause that is not usually detected in laboratory tests. We present that the treatment without the use of anti-inflammatory or anti-depressant medication can be effective. Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: Literature review of possible causes and energy imbalance involved in the genesis of fibromyalgia according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) were done. In this study, we demonstrate that by the rebalancing of these energies, which are Blood, Yin, Yang and Qi, are effective in treating the underlying cause of fibromyalgia, without the need for any medication, but only through acupuncture sessions and thoughtful dietary counseling. To this end, over 900 auricular acupuncture patient records were researched, being 35 of them (3.9%) diagnosed with fibromyalgia. These names and numbers were given to a research assistant who had never had contact with any of the patients before, she was able to reach 13 (37.1% of those with fibromyalgia) by phone and apply a post-treatment questionnaire to know what the outcome of the past treatment was. Findings: 100% were female. The pain intensity before acupuncture was 8.9 to 9.9 and after acupuncture it was 2.9 to 4.8. The intensity of pain reduction was 3.25 to 9.25 for people under 45 years of age and 4.7 to 7.7 for people over 45 years. Conclusion & Significance: Fibromyalgia has an energetic cause that triggered it and can be treated without the use of antiinflammatory and anti-depressants. There was an important reduction in the pain intensity after auricular acupuncture treatment and Chinese dietary counseling.

Biography :

Huang Wei Ling has completed her Graduation in Medicine in Brazil, specializing in infectious and parasitic diseases, General Practitioner, Parenteral and Enteral Medical Nutrition Therapist, Acupuncture and Pain Management Practitioner. Since 2007, she has been disseminating the knowledge of Oriental medicine, especially Traditional Chinese Medicine, in various places around the world, in the treatment of the various pathologies of the human body. She is the Owner of Medical Acupuncture and Pain Management Clinic.