Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

ISSN - 2155-6156


Department of Molecular Medicine Bechman Research Institute of City of Hope Los Angels USA


My name is Li Du and I am currently working as a staff scientist in Beckman Research Institute City of Hope. My research focuses on endocrine and hormone-related cancer. (Please refer to the attached resume for more details of my research and publications). I have reviewed several manuscripts for EES journals. I find that manuscript reviewing is very helpful for improving research experience and building my future academic career.

Research Interest

Targeting CSCs By Inhibiting SUMOylation (City of Hope) Evaluate the role of SUMOylation in colorectal cancer stemness Investigate the role of SUMOylation in breast cancer metastasis TR4 as Novel Target for Pituitary Tumor Therapy (UCLA) Identified expression profile of TR4 in different types of pituitary tumor Evaluated the effects of TR4 on pituitary tumor cell proliferation and hormone secretion in vitro (mouse corticotroph cell line & human pituitary tumor primary culture) Investigated the effects of TR4 on pituitary tumor growth and function in vivo (nude mice tumor model) HIV-1 integrase inhibitor screening and inhibiton mechanism research (Ph.D. thesis research at Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica) HIV-1 integrase (IN) catalyzes the integration of viral-DNA into host chromosome and is a critical drug target for developing anti-HIV drugs. Established an inhibitor-screening platform targeting the viral-DNA binding activity of HIV-1 IN based on SPR Discovered 4 lead compounds targeting HIV-1 IN with anti-viral activity (2 patents in China) Revealed 2 novel inhibitor-binding sites by site-directed mutagenesis(N-terminal domain & LEDGF-binding domain) Crystalized HIV-1 IN CCD (catalytic core domain) in complex with an inhibitor Curriculum Vitae 2Discovered the first anti-HIV compound targeting IN-LEDGF interaction (yeast two-hybrid assay and cellular assays)