Journal of Steroids & Hormonal Science

ISSN - 2157-7536

Olga Sukocheva

Olga Sukocheva
Flinders University School of Medicine Surgery Flinders Medical Centre, FLinders Drive Bedford Park, South Australia 5042


After completion Ph.D. in Biophysics (1997), Dr Sukocheva was awarded Muskie Fellowship in 1999 and had an opportunity to earn Masters in Public Health (MPH) at State University of New York (SUNY at Albany, NY) and work as a Postdoctoral Scientist at the New York State Department of Health, Wadsworth Laboratories. In 2000 Sukocheva was granted Australian permanent residence status and was appointed as postdoctoral research scientist at Hanson Cancer Research Institute (SA Pathology, Division of Immunology) in 2002. In 2010 Sukocheva was awarded CME Kelly Cancer Research Fellowship at Flinders University and joined Professor D. Watson oesophageal cancer research laboratory. Sukocheva is interested in identifying mechanisms that govern development of drug resistance in cancer cells. By studying hormonal regulation of malignant cells, her long-term goal is to identify markers and potential therapeutic targets against mammary and gastrointestinal cancers.

Research Interest