About us

As the medical research in the world has been enormously progressing, there arises a need to meet the challenges posed by this very fast development. IOMC embodies everything a researcher is seeking in presenting their exemplary work to the world. IOMC journals provide an efficacious channel for researchers, students, faculty members and other academicians in circulating quality medical knowledge throughout the world by promoting and publishing works whilst maintaining excellence in medical research.

IOMC utilizes an open access and peer review publishing model to help our objectives of expanding advantages to pursuers, authors and editors by maximizing the open and transparent trade of thoughts and novel findings among researchers and also individuals from general society.

We are fortifying the scientific research network by committing with scholarly societies and supporting scientists to communicate with their novel findings that make a difference. We work together with Authors, Societies, Libraries, and different individuals from the research network to produce, deliver, and empower access to the scientific and academic insights that are settling a portion of the world's greatest challenges. Our journals cover a wide range of topics, including findings in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences and applied sciences as Chemical Sciences, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Biotechnology.

IOMC aims towards spreading noteworthy thoughts and research information to established researchers. It allows you to network with other scholar by exchanging ideas which leads to developing valuable collaborations with researches throughout the world.

Our objective is to promote the science, engineering, management and technology research carried out throughout the world. IOMC intends to publish open-access, online, double blind peer reviewed international journals and it also provides rapid, dependable, discerning and fascinating news and interpretation of contemporary and coming trends affecting different fields of human learning to the international community.

IOMC is predicated on the need for researchers to have access to a source of information and an opportunity to share, through publication, new ideas and solutions for sustainable development.

Our goal has constantly centred on helping our authors succeed, wherever they are in their education and expert professions. We engage you with interminable scientific research information and encourage you in your advancement of discovering the world around you. According to our conviction, there is no best cost for Knowledge except the will to learn.