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Ben Slama R

Ben Slama R

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    Green House Effect vs. Infrared Radiation Emissions
    Author(s): Ben Slama RBen Slama R

    Emissions of greenhouse gas GHGs, such as CO2 and its equivalents, induce global warming of the earth. This article is highlighted, and recalled, that these GHGs are selective about the radiation reaching them. Solar radiation, whose the spectrum ranges from UV to near IR through them. By against the far-infrared stopped. Thus, it is necessary to warn about the surfaces that emit in the far-infrared spectrum, arrested by the GHGs. These surfaces are either natural, in which case they are part of the ecosystem, and that's natural, or they are buildings built by man, whose dark surfaces made artificially, by contemporary man, causing the absorption of solar radiation on the day and emitting, after heating, in the far infrared spectrum. Humanity must therefore limit the proliferation of dark surfaces, through for example, buildings coatings, roads and Highways, vehicles, and even our clothe.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2332-2594.1000161

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