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Daniel J. Gould

Daniel J. Gould
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    Tissue Engineering
    Author(s): Daniel J. GouldDaniel J. Gould

    Tissue engineering as a field is rapidly developing in order to provide new scaffolds, tissues and organs or devices to replace or supplement function. One key limitation within tissue engineering is the need for rapid perfusion and microvascularization of implanted tissues. Many investigators are currently focused on the rational design of angiogenic tissue engineering scaffolds which can induce the formation of a microvascular host response. This contribution is critical to the field because recently developed tissue engineering products for use in humans lack microvascularization. These successfully engineered thin tissue components include cartilage, bladder and cornea. The lack of microvascularization limits the types of tissue replacements that can be engineered. In order to better understand the need for microvascularization, a basic discussion on the demand for tissue engi.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2161-1173.1000e102

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