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Dr. KN Manjunath

Dr. KN Manjunath
MS Ramaiah Medical College,
MSR Nagar, MSRIT Post, Bengaluru 560054

  • Research Article
    Scalp Rotation Flap-Minor Changes Major Gains
    Author(s): Dr. KN Manjunath, Dr. MS Venkatesh and Dr. K VishwanathDr. KN Manjunath, Dr. MS Venkatesh and Dr. K Vishwanath

    Abstract Introduction: Scalp plays an important role in individual’s identity because of the hair at the same time it is prone for injury as it is exposed. Restoring a hairy scalp is a challenge. Rotation flaps are local option for medium defects reconstruction. However larger defects will need transposition flaps which leave big donor site defects. We modified the traditional method of rotation flap to cover large defects with either minimal or no donor site defect. Materials and methods: 10 cases of scalp defects were operated with modification of rotation flaps. Results: All flaps healed well. Donor site defect was completely closed or covered with minimal skin graft. Conclusion: Minor changes in planning of rotation flap helped to cover large defects with less or no donor site defect. .. View More»

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