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Dr. Veena P Waiker

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    Mucoperosteum of the Palate – An Ideal and Versatile Reconstructive Tool
    Author(s): Dr. Manjunath KN and Dr. Veena P WaikerDr. Manjunath KN and Dr. Veena P Waiker

    Background: Palate is a complex structure separating oropharynx and nasopharynx. However reconstruction of the defects of palate is much simpler because of the available versatile mucoperiosteal flaps. Here we present our experience of palatal mucoperiosteal flap used in different situation. Methods: 10 patients of palatal as well as buccal mucosa defects were reconstructed using either free or pedicled mucoperiosteum. Results: All patients recovered well. No flap loss or secondary procedures were required. Conclusion: Palate is a complex structure both functionally and anatomically. Success in Reconstruction of the palatal defects depends on creation of good nasal as well as buccal mucosal lining. The rich vascular macronet in the palatal mucosa makes it an ideal donor site for local reconstruction. The mucoperiosteum harvested either as a free graft or as pedicled flap serves the pu.. View More»

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