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Graciela Melamed

  • Short Communication
    A Brief Overview of the Evolution of Liposuction

    Author(s): Hernán Pinto and Graciela MelamedHernán Pinto and Graciela Melamed

    Liposuction is the cosmetic surgical procedure most widely used in history. For the study of liposuction, I like to split its evolution into three periods: the period of the grandfathers of liposuction, the period of the fathers of liposuction, and the period of the children of liposuction. From liposuction “assisted” with a modest aspirator coupled to the tubing, to other much more sophisticated systems, the “type” of liposuction has changed over the years. However, after almost 30 years of experiences and results, liposuction has not lost its currency or its dominance. Moreover, we are going back to various aspects of the past which were simpler, without compromising effectiveness or safety. As long as it a) is performed by a qualified professional, b) is correctly indicated, and c) uses the best technology available, proven and compared, liposuction will inv.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2161-1173.1000134


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