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Julius Hoehne

Julius Hoehne
Centre of Plastic Stuttgart, Marienhospital Stuttgart,
Boheimstr, Stuttgart

  • Case Report
    Total Nasal Reconstruction after Nasectomy in a Case of Massive Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Inferior Nose
    Author(s): Julius Hoehne and Helmut FischerJulius Hoehne and Helmut Fischer

    Total nasal reconstruction after radical nasectomy remains one of the most challenging tasks plastic surgeons face. In our study, the case of a 55-yearold- man who underwent radical nasectomy and subsequent total nasal reconstruction using autologous tissues is described. The question whether to continue the use of a nasal prosthesis or whether to reconstruct the nose should be carefully addressed in each individual case, and depends on patient as well as surgeon factors. If the patient is willing and fit to undergo major reconstructive surgery of the nose, autologous reconstruction can be successfully carried out by an experienced team, and a result superior to a prosthetic solution can be expected... View More»

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