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Kabir H

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    Rainfall Variability and Its Impact on Crop Agriculture in SouthwestRegion of Bangladesh
    Author(s): Kabir H and Golder JKabir H and Golder J

    The amounts of annual rainfall in the southwestern part of Bangladesh are almost equal having very little spatial variation. Significant decreasing trend (Mann-Kendal) of annual rainfall over the region is found (-4.5 mm/year at Mongla, -9.14 mm/year at Jessore, -15.71 mm/year at Madaripur) except Khulna, Satkhira and Khepupara, where the trend is positive over the long period (1948-2014) but it exhibits a decreasing trend during the recent period i.e., after 1980s. It clearly indicates a gradual decrease of the amount of rainfall over southwestern part, which has become most prominent in the recent climatic period of 1981-2014. The trend is more intense at the upper southwestern part, i.e., places like Jessore and Madaripur. Annual rainfall deviates within the range -42.6% to +48.6% over the region. Most wide annual deviation is observed in Khulna from 48.6% to -35.5%. Like annual ra.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2332-2594.1000196

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