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Paulus AW

Paulus AW
State College Meteorology and Geophysics, Indonesia Meteorological and Geophysical Agency,

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    Atmospheric Study of the Impact of Cold Surges and Borneo Vortex over Western Indonesia Maritime Continent Area
    Author(s): Paulus AW and Shanas SPPaulus AW and Shanas SP

    Cold surges and Borneo Vortex are the synoptic scale disturbances during the Asian Winter Monsoon period (November-March). These disturbances have closely linked with the growth of strong convective clouds and heavy rains in the western part of the Maritime Continent. This study is subjected to study impact of cold surges and Borneo Vortex to the against atmospheric and rainfall conditions over the western part of the Maritime Continent using compositing technique these parameters for the period of November-March 2004/02-2014/15. The highest frequency of cold surge events occurs in January, while the incidence of Borneo Vortex alone and their interaction occurs in December. The atmospheric parameters of vortices, divergence, and moisture transport indicate that the incidence of cold surge, Borneo Vortex and their interaction having different influences. Region of South China Sea is mo.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2332-2594.1000189

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