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Ryan ER Reid

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    Affordable Activity Monitors Can Improve Post-Surgical Care in Bariatric Surgery Patients
    Author(s): Ryan ER Reid and Ross E AndersenRyan ER Reid and Ross E Andersen

    Bariatric surgery is an effective method of dramatically reducing weight and minimizing the appearance of comorbidities in several obese individuals. Regardless of weight lost post-surgically, some patients fail to increase their amount of physical activity and remain overly sedentary. Furthermore, in the years following surgery, certain patients re-gain some of the weight that they had initially lost. A proposed explanation for this lack of long-term weight loss maintenance is the lack of attendance to long-term post-surgical follow-up visits. If health care providers are unable to monitor the progress of their patients post-surgically, it is impossible for them to provide new strategies that will promote better long-term weight loss success. Recently, new and more affordable activity monitoring devices have become accessible with the ability to log information about physical activit.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2161-1173.1000141

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