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Suman Thotapalli

Suman Thotapalli
Riyadh Colleges Of Dentistry and Pharmacy,
Saudi Arabia

  • Research Article
    Effect of Stone Enhancer on Marginal Fit of Nickel Chromium Cast Copings
    Author(s): Suman ThotapalliSuman Thotapalli

    Aims: The ringless casting procedure is in use in clinical dentistry although there is not adequate scientific data to support its use in pattern fabrication using different die materials. The purpose of the study was to compare vertical marginal discrepancy of cast copings fabricated on two die materials cast using ringless casting technique. Materialsand methods: Two groups of cast copings were fabricated after investing patterns in phosphate bonded investments mixed using standard liquid/water ratio. The vertical marginal discrepancy ofnickel chromium cast copings which were cast after fabrication on two die materials (type IV die stone, Epoxy-it) using Ringless casting technique was determined and the Mean Vertical marginal Discrepancy was calculated based on measurements made with a Travelling Microscope. Results: The mean and standard deviation for each side wa.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2161-1173.1000114

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