Journal of Climatology & Weather Forecasting

ISSN - 2332-2594

Alessandro Pezzoli

Alessandro Pezzoli
Executive Editor
Professor, Department of the Environment Land and Infrastructure
Polytechnic University of Turin, Torino, Italy


Dr. Pezzoli is an Assistant Professor with tenure in Water Supply & Wastewater Engineering at Turin Polytechnic and he is Adjoint Professor in Meteorology applied to the Sport in Turin University. He holds several degrees: BEng in Civil Engineering in Turin Polytechnic, MEng in Hydraulic Engineering in Turin Polytechnic, MSc in Port Operations in the Italian Naval Academy, PhD in Meteorology and Oceanography in Toulon University (FRANCE). Before to serve as Assistant Professor with tenure in Turin Polytechnic he worked as Voluntary assistant at the Institute of Cosmo-geophysics of the C.N.R., Turin. After that he served as Officer (Lieutenant) in the Italian Navy in the Coast Guard Corps, serving at the Harbor Office of the port of Imperia. In April 1991, following the Haven oil tanker disaster in the Gulf of Liguria, seconded to the Crisis Unit of the Imperias Prefecture (Meteorologist), also acting as Liaison Officer with the French Anti-pollution force. He was Visiting Professor in “Meteorology” for MEng course in “Marine Engineering” at Institut des Sciences de l’Ingenieur de Toulon et du Var - University of Toulon and Var (France) and Visiting Professor in “Meteorology and Oceanography” for PhD course in “Marine Engineering” at Escola Politecnica – Universidade de Sao Paolo (Brazil). Actually he is Scientific Adviser of a very innovative Research Unit in Meteorology applied to the Sport founded in the Department of Sport Psychology - Research Centre Sport Science - University of Turin.

Research Interest

Oceanography and Meteorology, Hydrology, Marine Engineering, Marine Navigation, Meteorology.