Reconstructive Surgery & Anaplastology

ISSN - 2161-1173

Laith Mahmoud Abdulhadi

Laith Mahmoud Abdulhadi
Associate Professor, Department of Prosthetic Dentistry
University of Malaya, Malaysia


Dr.Laith M Abdulhadi, has obtained his specialization in total and partial oral rehabilitation and Doctorate in Dental Sciences (DDS) from University Paris 7 in 1984.He worked as a teacher and consultant since 1984 to date without interruption in 5 universities to teach, supervise, under and postgraduate students and treat challenging cases of oral and maxillofacial defects. He is a member of many international dental organizations and a reviewer of three international journals.

Research Interest

Enhancement of Clinical Technique of Oral Rehabilitation (partial and complete), Fixed and Removable Partial Prostheses. Occlusion (Natural and Artificial), Temporomandibular Dysfunction Examination, Methodology and Treatment. Biomaterial Development, Maxillofacial (extraoral and intraoral) Treatment and Enhancment of Treatment Methods.