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Quintin Pan

Quintin Pan
Department of Oncology
The Ohio State University Medical Center, USA


Dr. Quintin Pan completed his PhD in pharmacology at the University of Michigan Medical School in 1999. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship in translational oncology and subsequently joined the faculty as Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan Medical School and the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer to direct a laboratory in translational cancer research. In 2008, Dr. Pan was recruited to the Ohio State University Medical Center and the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center as Associate Professor and Research Director of the Head and Neck Oncology Program.

Research Interest

The general research focus in the Pan laboratory is to understand the genetic determinants of aggressive head and neck cancer. My laboratory is interested in identifying "druggable" genes/targets, to delinate the function of these genes in the context of head and neck cancer development and progression, and to design selective inhibitors against these genes as novel anti-cancer therapeutics.