Journal of Climatology & Weather Forecasting

ISSN - 2332-2594

Reda Ragab Mohamed Shahin

Reda Ragab Mohamed Shahin
Department of Soil & Water
Cairo University, Egypt


He is a Professor in Soil Chemistry & Mineralogy, Department of Agricuture started his academic career as the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University,Egypt. He holds several degrees: Ph.D in 1980(Soil Chemistry), MSc (Soil Chemistry)in 1975, BSc (Soil Science)in 1971 from Cairo University,Egypt. He recieved State Award in Agriculture, Egyptian academy of Science & Technology.WHOs WHO Award in 2000.Presidency Excellence Medal in 1995.He wrote many books, Soil Chemistry, Laboratory Exercises in Plant Nutrition.

Research Interest

Soil chemistry, Soil Mineralogy, chemistry of salt-affected soils and Wet-lands, Water quality assessment and reuse of low quality and saline water in agriculture (Biosaline Agriculture), Soil spatial variability, Organic Agriculture, Soil and environmental pollution with heavy metals, Transformation and mobility of nutrients in soil.