Reconstructive Surgery & Anaplastology

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Tung Dinh Nguyen

Tung Dinh Nguyen, MD, PhD (Plastic Surgery)
Associate Professor, Emcas Plastic Surgery Hospital, Hochiminh City, Vietnam


Dr. Tung Dinh Nguyen graduated from the Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy (1990), qualified for General Surgery (1992), Surgical Oncology (1994), Master of Medicine (2000), PhD (2005), Plastic Surgery ( 2012) . He continues to study at the US National Cancer Institute ( 2002) and as a visiting scholar at the University of Washington ( 2007), MD Anderson Cancer Center ( 2013) and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center ( 2016 ) .He specializes in breast cancer prevention, breast cancer surgery, oncoplastic breast surgery, breast reconstruction and intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) for breast cancer , high dose chemotherapy plus autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation . Dr Tung becomes the Executive Member Board of Vietnamese Cancer Society ( 2010) as well as Vietnamese Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (2018 ) . He has been a member of Breast Surgery International since 2009 and has served on the Development Committee for National Clinical Practice Guidelines for Cancer Management for Vietnam. He was the founder/president of the Breast Cancer Society of Hue - member of UICC in 2014.

He has over 70 publications in peer reviewed journals, mostly focusing on breast cancer and breast reconstruction in Vietnam. He is an invited speaker at national and international conferences and was chairman of the South-East Asia Breast Cancer Symposium in 2016, chairman of the International Breast Cancer Symposium in 2017, 2018, 2019 in Hue. Dr. Tung was the Vice Director of Oncology Center at Hue Central Hospital and Associate Professor at Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy until 2021 and now is working in the Division of Plastic and Aesthetic Regenerative Surgery , Emcas Plastic Surgery Hospital, Hochiminh City, Vietnam.

Research Interest

SVF and Adipose stem cell research for breast, Face, Scar, Breast Reconstruction