Reconstructive Surgery & Anaplastology

ISSN - 2161-1173

Contour plastic of the face using own fat wrapped in own plasma protein (new method of lipofilling)

International Conference on Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery

August 08-10, 2016 Toronto, Canada

Ivan V Krainik

National Medical-Surgical Centre by N I Pirogov, Russia

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Abstract :

Lipofilling as a method of contour plastic of the face is not wide spread due to 30-50% of resorption of the injected fat. Aspirated fat tissue consists of certain fat cells and fragments and has acidity within 5.5-5.8. Using sodium hydrocarbonate with aspirated fat leads to alkalization. Destroyed fat cells, acid or alkaline medium are course of phagocytosis induction and resorption of the injected fat. We offer a method of fat cells and grafts wrapping in own plasma protein. In this case, every fat cell or graft envelops with own plasma protein and doesn’t undergo leukocyte aggression and autolysis. Acidity of the fat mass wrapped in protein normalizes within 6.2-6.8. Method of wrapping fat cells in protein: Blood is sampled in sterile tubes with solution of sodium citrate and centrifuged (2000 revolutions per minute). After centrifugation, erythrocytic stratum is removed and plasma with platelets is placed in separate sterile glass. Aspirated fat mass is cleaned from the blood and placed in this glass too. 10% solution of calcium chloride is added to the plasma and shaken up carefully for 5 minutes. The blend of plasma with fat cells is polymerized and turned into gel-type mass, inside of which are enveloped fat cells and grafts. After polymerization wrapped in protein fat mass has maize yellow color. We usually inject this mass by a syringe through 2 mm needle and use it in the next cases: Liposculpture of nasolabial sulcus, lips and cheeks, correction of retracted scars and defects of soft tissues. In our practice the volume of single injected fat mass was 2-70 ml. Fat resorption in postoperative period doesn’t overcome 15%. Correction of age-related changes of the face and posttraumatic soft tissue deformations, symptomatic treatment of lipodystrophy by using this method lead to perfect results.

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