Reconstructive Surgery & Anaplastology

ISSN - 2161-1173

Development of skin antiaging and natural sun blocking agent from Phyllanthus niruri extract

International Conference and Exhibition on Cosmetology & Cosmetics

November 23-24, 2012 Hyderabad International Convention Centre, India

Elrashid Saleh Mahdi, Azmin Mohd Noor and Munavvar Abdul Sattar

AcceptedAbstracts: Anaplastology

Abstract :

Extrinsic skin aging is due to increases induction of reactive oxygen species by solar ultraviolet radiation. Reactive oxygen species inhibits collagen production and increases collagen breakdown which leads to visible wrinkle, color changes, epidermal thinning and atrophy. The objective of this research is to develop and evaluate a photoprotective agent from extract of local Phyllanthus niruri. Nanocream loaded P. niruri was prepared by gentle shirring and dropwise titration of the aqueous phase across the emulsification pass of liquid crystal phase. The formulation was evaluated with respect to droplets size, zeta potential and rheological properties. Furthermore, in vitro release through artificial cellulose membrane filter, full thickness rat skin and UV blocking capability were evaluated. The formulation having droplets size within the nano size range and its structural and morphological characteristics was confirmed by transition electron microscope image. The formulation also shows shear thinning properties with thixotropy. Moreover, 63.03% of the total phenolic of the extract loaded the formulation was released from artificial cellulose and was scavenged 65.64 % of 2, 2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl radical activity. Furthermore, the formulation shows good permeation properties through full thickness rat skin and has high capability of UV absorption. The results reveal that the formulation could absorbed the incidence solar UV, and hence protect skin. It could penetrate the stratum corneum scavenge reactive oxygen species, enhance endogenous antioxidants and hence could reverse or reduce skin aging signs.