Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

ISSN - 2155-6156

Histology and ultrastructure of the transplanted kidney

4th World Congress on Diabetes & Metabolism

August 14-16, 2013 Holiday Inn Chicago-North Shore, IL, USA

Suman Setty, Vishal Varma, Sanjeev Akkina and Michael Walsh

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Diabetes Metab

Abstract :

The causes of post-transplant graft loss are multifold and include chronic rejection, infection, drug toxicity and recurrence of native renal disease such as diabetes. Changes in the glomerular compartment is one mechanism by which nephrons dysfunction. Glomerular endothelial injury and the resulting reconstruction of basal lamina and mesangial expansion is defined as chronic transplant glomerulopathy. Long standing diabetic nephropathy also affects glomeruli leading to similar light microscopic and ultrastructural changes. Additionally, dysfunction of nephrons result from structural alterations to the tubules, interstitium and blood vessels. We will discuss the histologic and ultrastructural renal alterations which accompany chronic renal transplant disease.

Biography :

Suman Setty is an Associate Professor of Pathology at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System where she is involved in the care of renal transplant recipients. Her research interests include the study of diabetic kidney disease and renal transplant related complications.