Reconstructive Surgery & Anaplastology

ISSN - 2161-1173

Plastic operation of post-burn contracture of foot and ankle joint in children

International Conference on Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery

August 08-10, 2016 Toronto, Canada

B M Shakirov

Samarkand State Medical Institute, Uzbekistan

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Abstract :

Scar deformities of the foot and the ankle joint represent 5 to 7% of all post-burn deformities. The dorsum of the foot and the ankle areas are injured more often. Contact with burning sandal woods typically causes these burns. 138 patients were treated at the �?urn department of RCUMA and Inter-regional Burn Center in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Long-term outcomes of the plastic surgeries performed suggest that the burn patient must be under constant observation in case of tightening scars or slow growth of the injured extremity and the development of secondary changes of bones and joints. The operations must be performed within 6-12 months after healing of burn wounds to prevent secondary changes. In the case when contracture is severe, the operation must be performed as soon as possible. During this time, continuous conservative treatment serves as necessary preoperative preparation. This treatment should be continued in the hospital setting after surgery. The results supported our classification of scar contractures of the foot and ankle joint according to anatomical localization. The method of plastic operation should be chosen according to both severity and localization of the injury, using local uninjured tissues and soft scars to make trapezoid or other shaped flaps and free grafts placed on the area of the excised scars.

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