Reconstructive Surgery & Anaplastology

ISSN - 2161-1173

Post traumatic closed rhinoplasty in North African patients

International Conference on Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery

August 08-10, 2016 Toronto, Canada

J Bouguila, G Besbes and H Khochtali

Sahloul Hospital, Tunisia
Tunis-El Manar University, Tunisia
Laboratory of Oral Health and Facial Rehabilitation, Tunisia
La Rabta Hospital, Tunisia

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: Anaplastology

Abstract :

Background: The application of Rhinoplasty in the treatment of traumatic nasal deformity remains one of the most challenging problems in plastic surgery. Objectives: This article presents our experiences in the reconstruction of traumatic nasal deformities using the internal Rhinoplasty approach. Methods: We conducted a retrospective study from January 2001 to December 2013. We included in this study all patients operated for nasal post-traumatic deformity using closed approach. Each patient chart was reviewed with regard to: age and gender, circumstances and date of nasal trauma, timing of the Rhinoplasty as well as for the functional and aesthetic outcomes. Findings: 172 of these patients, including 115 males and 57 females, underwent the internal approach. The patients were, on average, 26 years old at the time of reconstruction and were followed up for an average period of 16 months. The interval from injury to the Rhinoplasty procedure was 4, 5 years, on average. The outcome was assessed by an independent investigator and the patients themselves. The overall aesthetic-improvement rate was 88%, and the patient-satisfaction rate was 95%. There was no complication. Conclusions: Not only is the skeletal structure severely deformed, but the soft tissue may also be disfigured by a previous injury. The closed Rhinoplasty technique provides great predictability and minimal postoperative discomfort, with no aesthetic damage.

Biography :

J Bouguila is Assistant Professor at La Rabta University Hospital, Tunis, Tunisia. He completed Medical Doctor (MD) in Tunis-Tunisia in the year 2007; he completed Diploma of specialist in Maxillo-Facial Surgery at Tunis-Tunisia in year 2008, and Oral Implantology & Academic diploma of Microsurgery at Lyon-France during 2008-2009. He is specialized in Formation Attestation in Plastic and Aesthetic surgery (SFA), Diploma of Facial Plastic and aesthetic surgery, Hair transplantation & Orthognathic Surgery at Lyon-France during 2009-2010. He was the French board of plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery at Paris-France during 2010-2011.