Surgery: Current Research

ISSN - 2161-1076

Surgical considerations for esthetic implant restorations

International Conference and Exhibition on Surgery, Anesthesia & Trichology

November 26-28, 2012 Hilton San Antonio Airport, USA

Ahmad Kutkut

Accepted Abstracts: Surgery Curr Res

Abstract :

Over the past two decades, esthetics has become an increasingly important consideration in implant dentistry. However, restorations supported by implants in the anterior maxilla are a major challenge because of patients? esthetic demands and difficult pre-existing anatomy. The ultimate goal of a dental implant is to restore missing teeth by placing implants that are anatomically correct and esthetically pleasing in functional positions that ensure long-term durability. Essential prerequisites to an esthetically successful treatment are; thorough pre-surgical planning; surgical considerations, attention to site development, 3D implant positioning, and soft tissue management; provisionalization stage, and prosthetic management. One of the most important considerations for pre-surgical planning is to be familiar with patient?s expectations. Site enhancement and alveolar ridge preservation following tooth extraction have a major impact on the hard and soft tissue volume prior to placement of the definitive prosthetic implant restoration. Smile line and gingival biotype play a major role in the final esthetic outcomes. Neighboring tooth position, number of missing teeth, provisionalization prosthesis (fixed or removable), shape and shade of adjacent dentition are factors that need to be considered for successful treatment planning. The aim of this presentation is to illustrate the surgical considerations for esthetic implant restorations especially in the anterior esthetic zenith.

Biography :

Ahmad M. Kutkut, B.D.S., MS., Prosthodontist, is an assistant professor at University of Kentucky College of Dentistry Department of Restorative Dentistry Division of Prosthodontics. In 2010, Dr. Kutkut completed a Master Degree and a Certificate in Prosthodontics at State University of New York at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. In 2007, Dr. Kutkut completed a two year certificate program in Implant Dentistry at New York University College of Dentistry Department of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry. In 2005, Dr. Kutkut completed a certificate of Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program at New York University College of Dentistry. Dr. Kutkut is an active member of American Dental Education Association, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics, American College of Prosthodontics, American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics, American Academy of Maxillofacial Prosthetics, and Academy of Osseointegration. Presently Dr. Kutkut is a reviewer for the ?Journal of Oral Implantology?, the official publication of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and the American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics and reviewer for Jordan Dental Association ?Smile Dental Journal?. Dr. Kutkut lectures both nationally and internationally and has published numerous articles and abstracts. In addition to his teaching, research, writing and lecturing, presented several posters and table clinics at major meetings such as Academy of Osseointegration, Greater New York Dental Meeting, American College of Prosthodontics, American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics, Northeast Implant Symposium, American University of Tirana - Albania, and Jordanian Dental Implant Group.